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American Color
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American Color - Who We Are?

We are a leading printing company specialize in printing plastic cards, silk business cards both retail and wholesale customers at affordable prices with added extra value.

Found in 2008, based out in Chicago, we have been serving business with unique printing products, large format prints, and other innovative items to help resellers generate exceptional profits.

Yes, we are different than our competitions in many different ways.

UNIQUE PRINTING PRODUCTS - we offer a wide varieties of of printing products from the popular and profitable plastic cards, unique silk business cards, and large format prints that help our resellers make huge profits..

INNOVATIONS - we create or invent at least one new product every 6 month. Follow us closely will bring you the advantage to have the newest and hottest products which could put your competitors light years behind.

WE ARE THE BENCHMARK - because our products are so awesome, our business concepts and product styles have become a leading model to the photo album industry.

Come give us couple shots and you will understand the powerful impact that our products could do to benifit your business.